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DataStage migration from DB2 to Oracle or Oracle to DB2-Part1

DataStage migration from DB2 to Oracle or Oracle to DB2-Part1

As time passed most the projects will move to the new environment or will upgrade from the OLD environment based on the project requirement. One the usual thing which happens is Database exchange in the project. I am explaining this from my experience where we had already working DWH with the below structure


Database-DB2(DWH Database)

ETL Tool –DataStage.

Due to new project…


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How to start work as DB2 DBA in DWH team without KT-part1

How to start work as DB2 DBA in DWH team without KT-part1

This is as per my knowledge only.

Different kinds of DBA are

1.Unix admin DBA

2.Application DBA


4. Developer DBA

UNIX admin DBA: Unix administrators basically do the SO (Linux/hp/aix) installation and later if the project/company is small they will do the rest of the installation for Database DB2 and also for the applications like…


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DataStage Architecture

DataStage Architecture

This is the info as per my knowladge.

What is the architecture of data stage?

Architecture of DS is client/server architecture.

We have different types of client /server architecture for DataStage starting from the different versions.The latest version is DataStage 8.7



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Cracking the Active/Active Data Warehouse Dilemma

For those of you who weren't at IOD this year, you may be interested to know that some of the presentations are now available on  The one about active-active data warehousing by Dwaine Snow, Linda Snow, and Enzo Cialini, all of IBM, is a good read that doesn't require you have a presenter handy.  It's pdf format can can be viewed or downloaded from the following link:…


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Sending emails from DB2

I am sure you all know that you can configure db2 admin server and health monitor to send emails, but how do you send email from within

db2 luw itself. Much like SQLMAIL feature in our friend SQL Server , DB2 now have a mail feature. Starting from DB2 V9.7, there is an additional database configuration called SMTP_SERVER and built in stored procedure …


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