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Websphere CE support prices lowered

IBM lowered support prices and changed their support policy for Geronimo based application server - Websphere CE. Instead of charging per core, new prices are per socket now. Two support options are available - Entry and Elite support see difference. Entry support is 1030 USD per year and Elite support is 3500 USD per year. Elite support…


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High Availability for DB2 DPF

DB2 LUW partitioned databases haven't been called DPF, the Database Partitioning Feature, since 2007.  However, a lot of people still use the term.  That's not a bad thing, but they tend to search…


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Running Grails 1.3 applications on Websphere CE/Geronimo 2.1

If you want to run Grails applications on Websphere Community Edition (Apache Geronimo) you will face few challenges.

  1. Grails applications needs more memory than default provided by Java. You need to set JAVA_OPTS variable or alter default values.

    In windows alter file bin\setjavaenv.bat add line:

    if "%JAVA_OPTS%" == "" set…

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Log Sizing and Best Practices for Logging and Log Monitoring



Yesterday's discussion on DB2-L about logging raised some valid concerns and led me to address logging in somewhat greater detail.  My thread of the conversation is shared below.  If you find it to be of value, please comment and link to it for your colleagues.


--Phil Sevetson




Sent: Wednesday,…


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On Log Sizing and Placement with DB2 for z/OS

Today, on DB2-L, someone once again asked the classic questions about how many logs and how big they should be.  I've written ad-hoc responses to this on DB2-L several times, and I think it's time I shared it in permanent form with the wider community.


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Subject: [DB2-L] - Log Archival


We recently experienced a problem with our tape library…


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IBM's New Data Replication Product



Data Replication 

   Frequently Asked Questions





Today, IBM announced that it's packaging all of its relational database replication technologies into a single product called IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IIDR).  Naturally, people are bound to have questions, so I'm going to cover what I…


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Building Time-Delayed Targets with Data Replication


Most replication products talk a lot about how great high-speed data replication is.  Naturally, I agree :)  It's great. However, if something ever corrupts your source data, you'll likely see an ugly side of speed - your target gets all the source's corrupt data with sub-second latency.  What a pain.  You have no time to prevent the mirrored corruption. That might leave both source and target unusable. And that's especially frustrating if your target is supposed to be a…


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latest version of db2

hi everyone , i want to know what is the latest version of db2 after db2 9.7 for aix is there any latest patches they have released ..
please tell me soon .we are thinking updating and buying db2 product[QUOTE] new one with updated patches .since we are using db2 9.7 now ...

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Datawarehosue proejct with datastage 8.5 and DB2/Oracle Database


I am telling about the total end to process for DWH project implementation.

The Data warehouse project for infrastructure team will be

1. The project planning-which will conclude with software and hardware selection and total budget.

2. The Budget/funding approve from PMO/Mangers

3. Capacity planning for the DWH project and creating the capacity document

4. Analysing the capacity document and creating the SP-unix and DBA-DB document

5. SP…


Added by Lohith on August 2, 2011 at 5:23am — 1 Comment

Why Data Replication and Federation Are a Good Match

Years ago, IBM had a product called Information Integrator (II).  It was IBM's first attempt at a data integration platform.  While II is no longer around, one thing it got right was the approach of solving customer problems through a combination of data replication and data…


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New developerWorks Article About DB2 AESE's Federation and Q Replication

I get a lot of questions about what's included in DB2 Advance ESE where data federation (virtualization) and replication technologies are concerned.  Some of them are simple licensing questions about what you get for no extra charge.  However, many more are about basic functionality. developerWorks helps out in both cases.  For the questions about function, there's…


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wasce-server on Ubuntu updated to

Updated version of Websphere Application Server Community Edition was uploaded into Ubuntu 10.04 LTS partners repository. Package name is wasce-server and it can be installed by using standard ubuntu package management tools.

There is problem if you are trying to update your existing wasce installation. Updates are not supported for Geronimo or WASCE. You need to install new server version, reconfigure and redeploy your application again. If you update wasce using standard…


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DB2 Express C - update to 9.7.4

If you are updating DB2 Express C on Linux to newly released 9.7.4 version, follow my instructions in older blog post.

If you are using db2 text search, it will fail after update with error message:

CIE00340 Cannot start executable program "/bin/sh".

You need to update db2 text search instance as well by running:

configTool upgradeInstance -configPath…

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A long awaited book on DB2 Data Warehouse!



Greetings to everyone!

 This is my first blog here at Channel DB2! And its nice to be here! I would like to start my blog with a review of a great book I read recently , "The Data Warehouse Mentor" by Robert Laberge. I found it very infromative and it filled all…


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About Passing the DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Examination

Ahem.  Your attention please, for a moment, if you’re interested in DB2 DBA Certifications as a z/OS DBA.  I’m posting this to talk specifically about the DB2 9 Fundamentals exam.



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IBM's New Active-Active Solution for DB2 and IMS on z/OS

IBM has a new availability solution, GDPS active-active continuous availability (GDPS/A-A), that offers an unlimited distance between data centers, cross-site workload monitoring, automated workload balancing, and recovery time objectives measured in seconds.  I have a few highlights here.  Full details can be found in…


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Thoughts on reading Willie's recent "Do We Need More DB2 Reference Materials?" post


A week ago, I encountered a very frustrated analyst/colleague, who was having trouble absorbing enough knowledge of DB2 to understand why the changes she'd asked me for weren't working.  I tried to explain what was going on, and I think we reached a meeting of the minds, but one thing she said as she was leaving struck me (and I'm sorry I can't remember an exact quote!); she really wanted to learn enough about DB2 that the answers to mildly technical questions like this were no…


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Should You Switch from IBM's SQL Replication to Q Replication?

SQL Replication is a data replication technology that's been used with great success in many shops for over 20 years. Yet, IBM also provides the Q Replication technology that has developed an excellent reputation for high performance, continuous availability, and zero-downtime database migration. Naturally, that leads SQL Replication users to ask if they should switch from SQL to Q. The answer, like the answer to many other questions, is... "it depends." :)


You have your…


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pureScale, Q Replication, and Active-Active Databases

IBM has an excellent new white paper on developerWorks about using Q Replication for active-active databases with DB2 pureScale.  It covers everything from basic terminology and set up to why WebSphere MQ adds value to active-active replication.  I like this paper for two reasons.  First, it's the most complete documentation IBM has for using Q Replication with DB2 puresScale. …


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DB2 Express-C 9.7.4

วันนี้ DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 เปิดให้ download มาใช้งานกันฟรีๆแล้วนะครับ


มีให้ครบทั้ง 64bits, 32bits จะเป็น Windows, Linux, Solaris จัดไปครับ

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