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DB2 Express pricing

DB2 Express

Is entry level database server. It is limited to max 4 cpu cores or 200 PVU and 4 GB RAM. Capacity sub licensing is allowed, you can split server by virtualization technology and install multiple copies of DB2 Express on it.

DB2 can be licensed per server, PVU or FTL. Licensing per PVU is oldest licensing type, every CPU core has some PVU value assigned. Most…


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Tips for Using Data Replication to Do Database Migration

Yes, it's true - all database vendors offer ways to migrate their databases from version to version. However, I see more and more people choosing data replication instead. Why? I'll answer that in this post. More importantly, I'll provide tips for those just starting out.

So... the most common reasons I hear for choosing replication are these:…


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Mainframe Stroy

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DB2 9.7.2 transportable schemas

DB2 9.7.2 comes with new feature - transportable schemas. They are somewhat similar to transportable tablespaces which are old Oracle feature introduced in 8i and enhanced in 10g. Most significant improvement in 10g was making them cross platform. Cross platforms transfers require more administrator work, they are not automatic.

In Oracle you need to create metadata and hand copy database files. Then import metadata and add transfered files to target database. You might need to run…


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Upgrading DB2 Express C 9.7.1 to 9.7.2 on Linux

This manual is useful for Linux only. On windows just run installer and it will update DB2 copy for you.

Because fixpacks are not supported for DB2 Express C Edition, you can not just unpack new db2 image and run ./installFixPack. If you do, it will return an error. You also can not install new db2 image over old, installer will refuse to do it.

Cookbook for update operation is very simple:

  1. Install to new DB2 to new location
  2. Switch DB2…

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