DB2 9 for z/OS pureXML Podcast Series by Guogen Zhang

This is a 10-part introductory podcast series on pureXML business value and technical knowledge. The first part covers overview and business value, and the follow-on 8 parts cover different aspects of pureXML. The last part talks about best practices.

* Part 1: pureXML in DB2 9 for z/OS makes XML consumable (mp3, 6.4MB, 14:02) Part 1 transcript in pdf

* Part 2: Getting started with pureXML (mp3, 6.7MB, 14:34) Part 2 transcript in pdf

* Part 3: Querying XML data with XPath in SQL for Beginners (mp3, 6.4MB, 13:56) Part 3 transcript in pdf

* Part 4: SQL/XML Constructor functions (publishing functions) (mp3, 6.1MB, 13:21) Part 4 transcript in pdf

* Part 5: Leveraging SQL for XML data with XMLTABLE function (mp3, 4.9MB, 10:36) Part 5 transcript in pdf

* Part 6: XML Indexes and Access Plans (mp3, 5.6MB, 12:19) Part 6 transcript in pdf

* Part 7: XML Schema Support (mp3, 5.1MB, 11:06) Part 7 transcript in pdf

* Part 8: pureXML Performance and Cost Factors (mp3, 5.6MB, 12:19) Part 8 transcript in pdf

* Part 9: pureXML Utility Features and Impact on DBAs (mp3, 4.8MB, 10:35) Part 9 transcript in pdf

* Part 10: Best Practices of pureXML in DB2 9 for z/OS (mp3, 6.1MB, 13:18) Part 10 transcript in pdf


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Comment by Brian on February 9, 2009 at 6:06am
Am I permitted to post these mp3 and PDF documents on my company's intranet? Where I work the various departments are charged $x/minute for Internet access. It would be advantageous for us to download these once and access them locally. Thanks.

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