Where to buy book: DB2 pureXML Cookbook?

There are lots of places where you can buy a printed copy of the IBM Press book DB2 pureXML Cookbook by Matthias Nicola and Pav Kumar-Chatterjee, but unfortunately due to an unknown mix up... you CANNOT buy the book at the IDUG Rome conference that is taking place this week.

I'm sorry for the mix up and will make sure that future conferences are NOT missing key books like this! I know it matters in terms of ease and expense that these books are available for sale at conferences... so my apologies to anyone who wanted to buy a book and was unable to!

Here's what I can do, however. I'll tell you where you can buy the book at a discount that is higher than than the discount offered at the conference.

First of all, if you are a MEMBER of IDUG... and if you attended the conference, you are automatically a member, please remember that ALL IBM Press books are available for you to purchase at a 45% discount! This is a significant savings that is offered to you with your membership, so make sure you take advantage of your special status. You must log into the IDUG members site to take advantage of this offer.

If your office or home is in Europe, you're likely concerned about duties, taxes, and shipping costs that may be significant if the books are shipped to you from the USA. For you, we suggest that you purchase your IBM Press books at the Pearson Education EMEA bookstore. They offer a 35% discount and free shipping in Europe.

In the USA, you should take advantage of the IBM Press offer that is taking place right now. You can purchase IBM Press titles at a 35% discount and receive free shipping in the USA.

If you prefer to read books online rather than in print, you should know that the book is available in both Books 24x7 and Safari Books Online. Of course if you have a Kindle or Sony Book Reader, you know that you can purchase electronic copies of this book as you normally would.

Again, I'm sorry that the book wasn't available at the IDUG Conference in Rome, but it WILL be at the IBM IOD Global Conference in Las Vegas. In fact, you will have an opportunity to meet one of the authors (Matthias Nicola) and get your book signed while you're there. The signing is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28... so drop by if you are at the conference and help me congratulate Matthias on his first book! For more information about the IOD conference, see Kate's blog where today she blogged about the IOD Bookstore!

As always, thanks for reading my blog and your continued interest in the published books that I promote!


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