Free IBM DB2 Certification Voucher is not working that i won During DB2 Essentail I training course on November(2010)


This is to inform you that i won the Free IBM certification Voucher during Novembers(2010) DB2 Essential I training Course..
Voucher NO -: (for security reason i not posting the Number,but i have sent it to DB2 admin and raul F. Chong through email)
Expiration Date -:  March 31st, 2011
I went to Prometric center(Code 8906) to give exam on 22nd March 2011,but when they are giving the Voucher number as input,the System is not taking it and showing that number is not valid or its has been Blocked..
I have send the Zipped File  containing the email that i receive form the DB2 Admin having the Voucher number and a Certificate signed by Raul F. Chong to both Raul F. Chong and DB2 Admin.
In the circumstances stated above please take neccessary step so that i can give the exam succesfully and if possible kindly extend the expiration date of the Voucher number since i have left the city (where i was supposed to take the exam)and as there is no prometric center at my present resedential location.Anticipating quick and kind hearted response from you.


Please suggest me a Solution?????

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I'll forward this to the program manager and hope to get a solution for you very soon!
Kuntal, I have informaiton for you, but I need your direct email address.... can you friend me?


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