Making it Big in Software: Get the Job. Work the Org. Become Great. (Paperback)
by Sam Lightstone

Sam works at the Toronto Lab and the book will be published in Jan or Feb next year.

Here is the link to pre-order the book:

Feel free to spread the word about this book! I've read most of the chapters already and think that the advice that Sam gives is amazing!

Book Description:

Software development is unique industry that includes many of the trappings of
corporate American culture, and many odd divergences. It’s an industry where teenage hackers compete head-to-head with MIT PhD graduates. A world where crinkled t-shirts and unlaced running shoes coexist with stock options and executive titles. The dynamic and somewhat bohemian quality of the software industry introduces unique challenges in building a successful software career.

More importantly the insight on how to get ahead in the software business simply isn’t taught in formal degree programs. With supporting data from Gartner Group, IBM, KPMG, Standish Group and others this book discusses the dynamics of software development organizations, and how to build a successful career. In addition the book includes interviews with some of the most influential software innovators and leaders of the past 30 years – ACM Turing Award winners, and CEOs of major corporations alike; people who literally changed the world. These interviews add an intimate and profound quality to the book.

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