Hi all,
When ever I am trying to install DB2 on my PC, it always uses to stuck at the time of configuring DB2 instances which is last step. That window almost use to get hanged thats why I have to cancel it by using task manager.After that when i start DB2 it throws an error saying that DB2 is not started but after that it works normally but whenever I start my system after shutting it down , it used to get uninstalled automatically.
I have attached log files here and I am unable to figure out this problem and facing this from last 1 week.
Please help me out from this problem as soon as possible.
Thanks and regards,

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Hi jitesh,

For the install to succeed, I would uncheck the default instance creation, and try it later manually with the db2icrt command. You might get more meaningful messages.

Hope this helps.

Yves-Antoine Emmanuelli


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