I m trying to install DB2 9.7.2 on openSuse 11.2 Linux, It gave me message "This platform is not supported on DB2".

i explore the dbesetup and db2install shell script i found :-

1) AIX
2) Darwin/x86-32
4) Linux/390x
5) Linux/ppc64
6) Linux/x86-32
7) Linux/x86-64
8) Sun/AMD64
9) Sun/UltraSparc

I found these lines of OS name. what means this, that only these OS are only supported for Linux.

Plz tell me which Linux i.e Fedora, Ubuntu, openSuse, Debian, Redhat,etc... is supported.

Plz look the attachment doc files of shell script

Cheer & Regards
Rakesh Tiwari

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I installed it on debian without any problems, just with a few tweaks ..
Hi mauro

on which version of the debian....bro....
Hi Rakesh,

Let me make your life easier in using DB2 on Debian based Ubuntu.

You have two options.
Just download my VMware Image from VMware Marketplace

1) Download my Dubuntu appliance which has DB2 setup in a Ubuntu Linux environment with support for Apache,PHP and DB2. It even comes bundled with the Technology Explorer. (Server Appliance) (Desktop Appliance)

It comes with a 40 page documentation.

2) Uncomment the Partner Repository in the /etc/apt-sources.list

3) Issue the command - sudo apt-get install db2exc.

Good Luck!

Kind Regards

Anil Mahadev
DB2 India User Group President
Principal DB2 Evangelist of India
IDUG India 2008 /2009 Conference Committee and Chairman


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