Pre-certification class for test 737: DB2 9 System Administration for z/OS ?

Join Hans Miseur and others on the LinkedIn group IDUG Europe 2009 to discuss plans for next year's IDUG conference in Rome.

The current question is regarding whether people are interested in attending a crammer course for Exam 737: DB2 9 System Administration for z/OS. The exam is really new... here are the objectives of the exam:

This certification exam certifies that the successful candidate has important knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to describe the architecture and administer the processes required to plan, install, manage, and tune secure DB2 for z/OS environments.

Section 1 - Installation and Migration (15%)

1. Given a scenario, demonstrate knowledge of the installation/migration plan process
2. Given a scenario, describe how to execute the installation/migration plan
3. Evaluate appropriate DSNZPARM settings

Section 2 - Security and Auditing (7%)

1. Given a scenario, demonstrate knowledge of how to protect DB2 subsystem and resources
2. Describe auditing techniques
3. Describe role-based security and the advantage of deploying it

Section 3 - System Operation and Maintenance (21.5%)

1. Describe how to use and manage DB2 components and processes
2. Demonstrate knowledge of DB2 commands
3. Given a scenario, describe how to monitor an dcontrol DB2 threads
4. Demonstrate knowledge of DB2 commands

Section 4 - Backup and Recovery (20%)

1. Demonstrate knowledge of system level backup and recovery procedures
2. Given a scenario, describe how to recover from system failures
3. Describe the process for disaster recovery

Section 5 - Performance and Tuning (21.5%)

1. Given a scenario, analyze performance
2. Demonstrate knowledge of how buffer pools and ZPARMs can affect performance
3. Demonstrate knowledge of statistics, tools, and traces used for monitoring
4. Given a scenario, describe techniques to achieve efficient use of memory
5. Demonstrate knowledge of workload manager settings for DB2

Section 6 - Troubleshooting (15%)

1. Given a scenario, describe which documentation can be used to solve a problem
2. Demonstrate knowledge of operator commands and traces fro troubleshooting
3. Describe how to identify contention problems
4. Demonstrate knowledge of diagnostic utilities
5. Given a scenario, identify and resolve data sharing problems

How can you study for the exam? Currently there are two courses listed on the Exam Preparation page: DB2 9 for z/OS System Administration, Course number: CV85, and DB2 9 for z/OS Implementation Workshop, Course number: CV86.

I personally would like to see a book published in the MC Press certification study series. What do you think? Are you interested in taking this exam? Would you also want a related book? I have an author and an outline, I just need to be sure that there are interested people once the books is available.

Let me know either in a comment to this blog entry, or by sending me an email directly.... or via the linkedIN entry that Hans started. Looking forward to hearing from you.



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I would like do the above certification.Please refer me a good guide to learn.

Hi Karthik,

Right now the only thing listed as resources for this topic are courses:
I can tell you that a book is now in progress... but will not be completed till the end of this year. I can include you as a reviewer for the book if you are interested....

Hi Susan,

I am interested to go for this certification. Please include me in the discussion and whatelse about this certification
Hi Karthik,

The study guide is being written so it is not yet available for you to use. I'm hoping it will be ready later this year. I'll post here as we make progress.


Hi Sue, I would like to read this book.
Great! What I can tell you right now is that the author is writing! I hope that it will publish late this year. Thanks!
Hi Susan

I really would like to have a book tailored to the exam's structure. I've learned the hard way that one thing is knowledge and other passing the exams :-)

I am now starting to prepare myself for the exam (I plan to attend IDUG 2009 in Rome) and it would be nice to have that book before the conference (at least a beta version)

If not... well... back to GC18-9846 and SC18-9840

Take care

The book is being written... and I'm very happy about it. It won't be done in time for Rome... but hopefully later this year or early next year.
Is the book ready for purchase


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