Is there already some material ready to prepare to the 9.7 dba for luw exam?
Some sample material - questions - docs for preparation of this exam
Thanks for all info
Best Regards, Guy Przytula

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Hi Guy,

I don't think that there is anything specific for DB2 9.7.... but I don't think there was much change to the exam. I suggest that you read the V9 books or tutorials tha you already know about and then learn the newest features either from the product documentation or the Flashbook:

Break free with DB2 9.7: A Tour of Cost-Slashing New Features

Paul Zikopoulos
Belal Tassi
Chris Eaton
George Baklarz

Here's a link to this book:


PS... Good luck on your exam. Let us know if this studying strategy works for you!
Thanks for the update
I have passed the exam of V9 dba and fundamentals for 9.5
I wanted to prepare for the new exam of 9.7 DBA
I will have a look at the book-link and do a exam test and the real exam and see..
The only remark is that these exams are rather expensive (and as an independent consultant, I have to pay myself) and I do not want to take them twice..
Best Regards, Guy Przytula


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