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I have a production database, it has 20000 tables, 26000 indexes and 18000 views and triggers, stored procedures etc.

my user ask to have a database nearly 100% available as a sync copy of the production database . seems replication is only solution from database technology.

welcome any suggestion.








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Hi, Hank,

I'm not aware of a limit for how many tables you can replicate with Q Replication. In fact, I talked to people who've told me they're replicating thousands.

However, if you're talking about full database replication to have a warm standby, is there a reason your customer isn't looking at HADR? For, example, are they really looking for an active-active solution? Or, maybe they have a partitioned database?

More details may be needed.

One more thing that might be useful to you... there's a message board dedicated to Q and SQL Replication on IBM's developerWorks.



There is an upcoming class you might consider: CE243 "Using Queue Replication" beginning on February 14 in Baltimore.

Thanks David,


I did watch some videos  your posted :) they are really help.

I do have HADR, what we are doing right now by snapshot clone the STANDBY database to setup the reporting database.

But my user request a reporting database as fully replicating from production database near instantly , it is active to active, the source database has over 20000 tables. that I am concern the capacity of Q-Replication.

is there any third part active to active solution?










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