Hello all DB2 users,

I wanna have brainstorm with you guys all about scaling option that DB2 have. Hope can helped me to resolve the problem.

I need to scale my DB2 database to anticipate flash crowd transaction to database server. My database can only serve around 200 transaction++ per sec in application term not database tps before my database totally stalled and out of cpu.

What are you guys think, if I want to increase to reach 2000++ or 10 times before, what options i have to scale my database?

Recently i read about pureScale feature. Its look promising but its not flexible solution by mean it just can be deploy on IBM System X and ours is not. Are there other solution like pureScale in shared-everything approach?

The second option maybe database partition. Is database partition or shared-nothing approach can help resolve my problem? Can add processing power to my system?

Thanks and regards,


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