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Book Give-away: Hold a chance to win free copy of the 'IBM DB2 9.7 Advanced Application Developer Cookbook', just by commenting!

For the contest we have two copies of IBM DB2 9.7 Advanced Application Developer Cookbook to be given away to two lucky winners.

How you can win:

To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is come up with a comment below highlighting the reason "why you would like to win this book”.  

Duration of the contest & selection of winners: 

The contest is valid for 3 days, and is open to everyone. Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted. The better (or witty) the comment, the better she/he would be lucky to win an ecopy of this book.

IBM DB2 9.7 Advanced Application Developer Cookbook is written by Sanjay Kumar and Mohankumar Saraswatipura. This practical cookbook focuses on advanced application development areas that include performance tips and the most useful DB2 features that help in designing high quality applications. This book dives deep into tips and tricks for optimized application performance. This DB2 9.7 Advanced Application Developer Cookbook will provide an in-depth quick reference during any application's design and development. master the new exciting features added to the DB2 9.7 version and understand the database objects and their integration.

This book is for IBM DB2 application developer who would like to exploit advanced features provided by DB2 to design and implement high quality applications with basic understanding of the DB2 application development. With this book you will learn how to use various DB2 features in database applications in an interactive way.

So Ladies & Gentleman, let's start to post  ! :-))) 

Good luck !

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