Hi, if possible, I would like a Wiki feature on channelDB2(similar to developerWorks (after the "Podcasts" link):

I'm translating the Getting Started with DB2 Express-C into Italian and would like to post the Italian translation there so that Italian DB2 student ambassadors and Italian students from DB2 User Groups can easily edit/correct the translated text. Then, periodically, we could replace the corresponding downloadable PDF with the modified text from the channelDB2 Wiki pages.

This would provide an easy way for students (from all countries where the book is translated) to contribute to the translated versions of the book, without having to send drafts back and forth. It would also provide an easy way for them to comment on the sections, for example if they need more examples, or need more clarification, etc.

I would need this Wiki feature available a.s.a.p., i.e., before the DB2 on Campus tour in Italy, which starts Oct. 6th, so that we can tell students that the translated version is posted on the channelDB2 Wiki and that they're free to edit/correct the translation anytime.

Thanks for whatever you can do for this request on such short notice,

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Hi Agatha,
Yes it would be great to have a wiki feature. channeDB2 uses Ning infrastructure which doesn't come with a built in wiki feature. After exploring several other wiki options/plugins we are now on a path of building a DB2 powered wiki (as opposed to using something that is powered by an open source db). Unfortunately it may not be ready before your Italian tour. So in the interim I can suggest using the DB2 wiki on developerWorks:
Hi Rav,
Thanks for your prompt response. In that case, I'll go ahead and use the developerWorks wiki until the DB2 powered wiki is ready for use.
Hi Agatha,

I'm chiming in a little late, but I wanted to mention that the IBM Database Magazine wiki is another option available ( Instructions for signing up for an account are on the main page.
Thanks, Kim, but developerWorks was able to create a private Wiki for me on short notice. I'll keep IBM Database Magazine in mind for future needs.
Impressive service. :-) Good luck with your project.


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